Old Heeley Regular Index

Volume 1 Mar 1986 Education In Heeley, Heeley Shops, Water In Heeley - (Ponds, Springs And Wells, Sanitation)
Volume 2 Jul 1986 Heeley Green 70 Years Ago: Mr E. Chapman's Memories, Cutlers, Health
Volume 3 Nov 1986 Heeley Hall, Out And About - Part 1: On The Streets, Readers Comments: Heeley Green 70 Years Ago, Heeley National School
Volume 4 Mid Mar 1987 Memories Of Mrs Styring, Shops And Traders In The Richards Road Area, Heeley 70 Years Ago - Part 2, Out And About - Part 2, Transport: Out Of Doors, Readers Comments: Old Heeley Hall
Volume 5 Late Mar 1987 Well Road In The 1930s, A Mother's Chores In The 1930s, Old Remedies, Birds 70 Years Ago
Volume 6 May 1987 Whit Week In 1912, Childhood Memories Of The 1920s: Don Ross - (1914-18 War and the Depression Years, Diseases, Coal strike, Pitch and Toss, Watching Sheffield United, Other Pastimes, Electric Light, Rag & Tag Market)
Volume 7 Jul 1987 Smoking, Heeley Bottom Shops: Kelly's 1924 Directory
Volume 8 Christmas 1987 Christmas As It Used To Be: The Preparations, Christmas Cards, Christmas Recipes, Christmas Recollections: Presents, Food, Carol-Singing, New Year.
Volume 9 Mar 1988 Heeley Duff'em, A Stroll Through Heeley - 1870s, Heeley Parish Church - (Heeley, Parish Boundaries, Heeley Parish Church Interior, Vicars), Early Public Transport, Elephants On The Loose In Woodseats, Don Ross's Childhood Memories Of The 1920s - Part 2 - (Flood, Norton Lees Scouts, Sleath's Butchers Shop, The Coming Of Wireless), Childhood Memories From Earnest Mills Born 1900, Childhood Memories From Mrs Cook (Born 1888) And Mrs Lawson (Born 1892), Heeley Residents, 1865-93 From The Sheffield Directories
Volume 10 Mar 1988 Childhood Memories Of Mr Charles Henry Stokes, Old Newspaper Cuttings ("Umbrellas And Trousers", Local Elections, Coronation Day 1902), Bitter Memories Of The First World War, A Journey Up Albert Road In The 1920s - Part 1 - By Don Ross
Volume 11 Dec 1988 A journey up Albert Road in the 1920s - Part 2 - by Don Ross, The way it was and the way it was done, My childhood memories - I remember by Eddie Chapman, Conversation Overheard, Early Heeley Methodists by Don Ross, Heeley's First Sunday Schools
Volume 12 Feb 1989 Visit to Povey - Mr Chapman remembers - Part 1, Albert Road Personalities of the 1920s by Don Ross, Stills from our video, Some memories of Old Heeley by Mrs N Bramhill, Did You Know?, Heeley's Sunday Schools Part 2
Volume 13 May 1989 Visit to Povey Part 2, Toll Bars, Smoke control, Open Letter and Comment, Albert Road Personalities - Part 2, Heeley's First Sunday Schools - Part 3, Extracts from the first Heeley Church Parish Magazine January 1889, Did You Know?, An Apology
Volume 14 Jul 1989 The Old Lees Hall, Heeley Cinemas, Some Thoughts On The Way Things Are Changing, Heeley Memories - Part 1 By Fred Bell, Heeley's First Sunday Schools: An Update On Their Use, Canon William Odom And The Old Heeley Vicarage, Did You Know
Volume 15 Mid Oct 1989 Heeley's First Sunday Schools - Part 5, Heeley Memories by Fred Bell - Part 2, Some thoughts on the "Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness" by Lilian Haywood, Church Life in the 1920's by Alf Cooke, The Rules of Heeley Pay Schools in 1843, Memories of Cinema and Theatre at Heeley Green, Did You Know?, Needle 'Craft'
Volume 16 Dec 1989 Heeley's First Sunday Schools - Part 6, Heeley Green Cinema, Heeley Station and Heeley Wheel, Heeley Memorials, Heeley Transport, The Ivy on the old Garden Wall, Did You Know?
Volume 17 Jan 1990 Heeley's First Sunday Schools Part 7, Heeley Station Heeley Wheel, The first tree in the Greenwood by Lilian Haywood, More about Ivy, How we got our numbers (2), Donald Ross - A tribute
Volume 18 Apr 1990 Heeley's First Sunday Schools Part - 8, Rural Heeley and Rushdale, Extracts from our postbag, How the Docker got its name, Tender-handed stroke a nettle, Donald Ross - A tribute, Did you ever! & Did you know?
Volume 19 May 1990 Heeley's First Sunday Schools - Part 9, All that Jazz and other Heeley Musicmaking, The Despised Dandelion, Heeley Mill, Transport a Century Ago, The Heeley Exhibition, Did you know? & Can you Help?
Volume 20 Jul 1990 Anns Grove Centenary Celebrations, From our postbag - A few old Memories of Heeley, The old Waggon and Horses, Charlie Peace and The Heeley Playreaders, Heeley's First Sunday Schools - Part 10, The Common or Garden Raspberry
Volume 21 Oct 1990 Heeley Householders in 1833, Heeley Bottom 1850, Old Heeley Hall and Heeley Characters, From our postbag and In Memory of Albert, Quill Pens, penknives and pocket knives, Heeley's First Sunday Schools Part - 11, The Song of a Piano & Did You Know?, Green and Gold
Volume 22 Dec 1990 Heeley's First Sunday Schools - Part 12, For all the Saints, From our postbag - including Part 2 (T Elliot) and the Fletcher Family of Spencer Road, Old Heeley Characters and Heeley Hall, The Yellow Daffodil and Church Tennis Club, The Mistletoe Bough, Did You Know?
Volume 23 Late Feb 1991 Heeley's Sunday Schools - Part 13, "Isle of Man" Villas, Skelton's Fire, From our postbag including the Fletchers and Fred Bell's Old and New, Heeley Tilt and the Tilt Mill Dam, Did You Know?
Volume 24 Late Summer 1991 Up Hill and down Dale, Artist's impression of Heeley in early 1850s, Field Map of part of Heeley 1805, Skelton's Fire, Heeley's Sunday Schools - Kent Road and Valley Road Missions, "Frustration" and "Stop me and buy one", From our postbag, Did you Know?
Volume 25 Dec 1991 The Pen and Pocket Blade Forger, From our postbag, Up the Owls, Heeley's First Sunday Schools - A Century of Effort (written in 1926), Heeley Bottom - Plan of Fields and subsequent Roads
Volume 26 Spring 1991 Rural Heeley and A Bridge at Heeley, Local History as she is made, Heeley Green Chemist's Shop, Gleadless Road School Centenary & Fire! Fire!, When I was a child by Hazel Clarke, A brief History of the old Chapel and its Workers, Anns Road PM Sunday School Teams (c1930), From our postbag & Did You Know?
Volume 27 An Illustrated Heeley Bottom 1791 onwards, The Earl of Arundel and Surrey
Volume 28 An Illustrated Heeley - Towards Middle Heeley, The Growth of Heeley, Miss Grace young, A Drowning in the River Sheaf, The Great Storm of 1729
Volume 29 An Illustrated Heeley - Towards Middle Heeley II, Sheaf Bank, Florence Place, Oak Street Houses, Springfield House
Volume 30 An Illustrated Heeley. Around the Parish Church, Oak Street Methodist Church
Volume 31 Reminiscences around Lower and Middle Heeley, Springfield House, Reuben Thompson's Funeral Parlour, My Early Memories by A Montgomery, Some of My Early Memories by D Hague, Whit Monday Morning
Volume 32 People and Places in Heeley, Anns Road School Boys Scholarship Class 1934, Heeley's Clock, A Cautionary Tale to Sunday School Scholars (from 1901), Gleadless Road Shops, Memories by E Chapman, Anns Road School Infant Class 1934/5, Census Information from 1851, Householders in Heeley in Kelly's Directories for 1841 and 1852
Volume 33 More People and Places in Heeley, Flood Damage in Heeley 1958, Anns Road Primitive Methodist Chapel, Gleadless Road/Anns Road/Anns Grove School, Memories of Taggy, Prospect Road, Heeley Green, Bassett's use Heeley Bridge 1919 picture
Volume 34 Heeley from Rural to Industrial, Death of George Swain, Heeley Bridge in Flood, From our postbag, Are you coming out to Play?, Joe Hardcastle's Day of Glory, 95 Not Out, Old and Modern Farms in Middle Heeley, Richards Road, Cut and Dried, A Baptism at St Peter's, November 12th 1917, An Aerial View of Heeley 1930s
Volume 35 More of Old Heeley and All That, The Flood of July 1958, Dinner at Atkinson's, Death of Derek Hague, Changing Times in Heeley, Heeley Revisited by Mrs Beryl Pearce - now of the Cotswolds, Heeley Enclosures, June 1929, Anns Road School Infants 1932/3
Volume 36 Middle Heeley to the Meersbrook, Starlets of Steelopolis 1938, Artisan View, Thirlwell Road, Foster Road, Gregory Road, My Memories of Heeley by R H Deakin