Old Heeley - Book 2 Headings

The new book from the Heeley History Workshop – due for publication for Christmas 2002


Matters arising from the first book

  • such as the changes of road names
  • the linking of two relatives through the Greatorex shop picture
  • sales of the book at home and abroad

Family Histories

The stories of Heeley families who have either lived in the area for a long while or who have contributed in some substantial way to the area.

  • Memmott
  • Wright – of the foundry
  • Palfreyman
  • Chapman
  • Boot
  • Fidler
  • Langton
  • Gleeson
  • Ponsfords
  • Lavers

Heeley Bridge and the River Sheaf

  • Changes on the river
  • Movement of the bridge(s)
  • Cost of repairs to the bridge
  • Floods


Including Carrfield, Norton Lees, Little London and some parts of Albert and Shirebrook Roads

  • Bowling club
  • Meersbrook Land Society
  • Carrfield and Rose Cottage
  • The Shore Family of Meersbrook Park
  • Allotments on Carfield Farm


Expansion on the small section in the first book, using old advertisements, business records and directories

  • Tyzacks
  • Hardy Patent Pick
  • Empire Rib
  • Skeltons
  • Wolf Safety Lamp
  • Sheffield United Transport

Newfield Green

The area from Heeley Common to the east as far as Hurlfield Hill

  • The Brownell Family
  • Abney House
  • The Prospect View pub
  • Hang Bank Wood

‘Bad Lads’

Notorious events in Heeley, robberies, murders, gangs, mysterious deaths


The area from Heeley Bottom towards Queens Road, including the streets off Heeley Bank Road

  • Little Sisters of the Poor
  • St Wilfreds
  • Heeley Silver Rolling Mill
  • Development of Queens Road
  • Strawberry Hall Lane
  • Olive Grove

New Developments

  • The refurbishment of the Institute
  • The new buildings at Heeley City Farm